I’ve taken several weeks off from blogging to work on revising my book.  While I wait for feedback from several readers, I hope to be posting more frequently.

During my time away from this blog, I also did a lot of work on my query letter.  A query is a one-page letter authors send to literary agents.  Queries are aimed at catching the agent’s attention and getting them to request a larger section of the book or even the entire manuscript for them to evaluate.  Most queries are rejected or don’t receive any answer at all.

For me, the querying process resembles the scene in A Christmas Story where Ralphie’s class is assigned to write an essay about what they want for Christmas.


Writers send out their queries, dreaming that an agent will love it.  That’s where the teacher gives Ralphie’s paper an A+++++.  None of us want to receive the rejection, ‘You’ll shoot your eye out kid.”

When I send out my first queries in a few weeks, it will be both exciting and scary.  Exciting because it’s the next step along the road to success.  Scary because of the likelihood of rejections along the way.

Cross your fingers for me.