YA Sci Fi

Poland – April 1945

“Idiot! Do you want the Russians to catch us,” a voice said from the back seat of the car. “If you don’t drive faster, I’m going to shoot you myself.”

The driver, an army private not quite out of his teens, shook with fear. He was driving the lead car of a convoy traveling through an area that could soon be overrun with Russian soldiers. Capture would mean probable torture and certain death.

“Herr Fuhrer, our numbers are small enough already,” a second voice said. “We’re going to need every soldier we have when we reach our objective, don’t you agree?”

“You had better be correct about that, Kammler,” Adolf Hitler said, “or I may wind up executing you instead. You dragged me out of my bunker in Berlin with wild tales about one of your so called ‘wonder weapons.’ I even let you kill my wife and my last, most convincing double to ensure our escape. Why?”

General Hans Kammler removed his cap and ran his hand through his thinning hair before he answered. His gaunt face revealed a recent lack of food and sleep.

“I appreciate your sacrifice, Herr Fuhrer. We are almost to the complex at Wenceslaus Mine, I can explain there.”

“No, my patience is at an end,” Hitler said, taking his gun and pointing it at Kammler’s chest. “I demand an explanation, and I will have it – now.”

Kammler’s shoulders sagged as he spoke.

“Herr Fuhrer, I once briefed you on a project we named the Bell.