Reading Now:

The Time Traveler’s Almanac – My WIP involves time travel, so I reading this for research as well and pleasure

The Devil’s Intern, by Donna Hoisie – I was intrigued by the concept of this book when it first came out. When I found out a few months ago that it was free on Amazon, I snapped it up. Looking good so far.

Just Finished:

Fight Club, by Chuck Palahniuk – A twisted, depressing book. I read it mainly out of curiosity.

The Girl With All The Gifts, by Mike Carey – A zombie story I found out about through The Walking DeadCast. The treatment of the zombie topic was very original and innovative, but I felt a bit unsatisfied by the ending.

Finding Your Voice, by Leslie Edgerton – I didn’t find this book as helpful as Hooked, by the same author. There was a larger amount of repetition between the two books than I would have liked.


On Deck:

Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard – Wanted to read one the hottest new debuts of the year.

The Unraveling of Mercy Louis, by Keija Parssinen – There was an article in the Books section of the Sunday March 15 Kansas City Star about this book and the Columbia, MO based Parssinen. I’d also seen some tweets about it on my Twitter agent list, so decided to read it.

The Kick-Ass Writer, by Chuck Wendig