Dear Agent,

If being shy around girls were a serious disease, sixteen-year-old Jason Martyr would be on the terminal list. Girls become the least of his worries when Project Rewind, a secret government time travel program, abducts him because he has a rare genetic ability to travel through time. To gain his cooperation, they promise him information about his parents, who have been in prison since he was a child.

The Masters of Infinity, a secret society of chrono-terrorists, plan to seize control of the future by altering the past. Jason is assigned to stop their next attack, a 1937 coup attempt aimed at deposing FDR and replacing him with a fascist dictator. If the Masters succeed, the U.S. may never take part in World War II, setting off a catastrophic domino effect through the rest of the timeline.

Jason discovers that his parents worked for Project Rewind, and were accused of conducting genetic experiments for the Masters of Infinity. With the future of the world and his own life at stake, Jason must sift through secrets and lies to choose which side of the battle he will join.

THE DESTINY MATRIX is an 89,000-word science fiction novel for the YA market. It will appeal to fans of the Tempest series by Julie Cross, and Roland Smith’s Cryptid Hunters series. It is a stand-alone novel with series potential.

I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism and MBA with emphasis in marketing, both from the University of Missouri.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


Chris L. Owens



First 250 words:


The shivering was the worst. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop it. I struggled to sit up, but restraints bound me to some kind of table. Frigid air seeped underneath the blanket on top of me. A killer migraine worsened with every movement.

I yelled, but a weak croak was all that came out. It took several tries to find my voice.

“Hey! Where am I?” A puff of steam punctuated each word.

No response came at first, but someone was listening after all.

“That Jason Martyr kid just woke up,” a male voice said in the distance. “He doesn’t sound bad off though. Sometimes they wake up here in the Pit blubbering like babies.”

After my eyes adjusted to the lack of light, I turned my head to one side. A body lay on a gurney a few feet away. A girl’s body, covered with a sheet from head to toe.

Panic set in, and I screamed again. My skull wailed in agony.

“Yo, dude! There’s a dead body in here! C’mon man, get me out!” Laughter was the only response.

After a few minutes, I gave up hope. But then a second voice whispered nearby. “Is it true what they said? He resisted her?”

“Yeah, he’s not a normal case. Quinn drugged him before she brought him in.”

Now I remembered how I got to this place. It all started with Lorelei Quinn. I should’ve known she was trouble the first time I met her.