Adam West Does the Batusi

Welcome to my bio page for the 2015 Pitch Wars competition.  I’d been looking for an excuse to use a GIF of Adam West doing the Batusi  for a long time – now I have one.

My entry in the contest is my first novel, The Destiny Matrix, a YA time travel adventure. Besides the obvious time travel/light sci fi elements, it was also heavily influenced by the offbeat/conspiracy elements of The X Files and the martial arts elements of Chuck. The main character travels back in time to 1937 to foil a coup attempt against FDR, meeting some real life historical characters in the course of his adventure.

That’s my book in a nutshell. Next I’ll tell you a little bit about me.

I come from a family of librarians, teachers and writers. My dad was a newspaper reporter and editor for our hometown newspaper. My mom taught in a rural one-room school house in her teens; later she worked as a librarian for over 25 years. I have one sister who is a librarian, and another who teaches school.

As for me, while working on my journalism degree at the University of Missouri, I worked at the University Bookstore, starting out in the textbook department. After receiving my bachelor’s degree, I went to back to school for my MBA, also at the University of Missouri. During that time, I worked for the marketing department – I taught laboratory sessions for Principles of Marketing from January 1984 through December 1985. Brad Pitt was one of my students. The department chairman asked if I would be interested in writing a new guide for the independent study course for Principles of Marketing. I agreed, and was published for the first time in 1986. During graduate school I also worked at Missouri Book Services, a college textbook wholesaler. In 1985, MBS was purchased by Barnes & Noble (and B&N CEO Len Riggio) and renamed Missouri Textbook Exchange.

After grad school, I spent most of the next twenty years working in data analysis. Although I didn’t do much writing during that time, I did a lot of reading. Fiction, biography, sports, history – I had interests in a lot of areas. I also had an active imagination – I made up little stories or scenes to occupy my mind while exercising or doing yard work.

In the mid-1990s, a friend and I started a video production company. We produced a series of documentary videos about professional wrestling in the midwest. To help market our videos, I established and operated the official website for WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Harley Race. I came to appreciate pro wrestling as a storytelling medium during that time. We shut down the production company at the end of 2007, and I stepped down from running the website to devote time to writing.

Although I took the long way to get here, I think I wound up where I was meant to be.

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