One summer, about 10 years ago, I was getting ready to make a trip to our local library. My son wanted some books for the summer reading program, but was too lazy to come with me. “Just pick something out for me,” he said.

I ventured into the Youth section of the library for maybe the first time ever. After picking out a couple of books for him based on the back-cover blurbs, I came across a book that I took home as much for me as for him. It was a book about Greek gods and their present day offspring. It was The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.

I loved the book; so did my son, my wife, and eventually my daughter. We’ve read all of his mythology based books since. Riordan’s books are perfectly placed in the “no man’s land” between Middle Grade and Young Adult. They have enough zaniness to appeal to the MG audience, while not so childish as to alienate YA readers.

In his new Magnus Chase series, Riordan tackles Norse mythology. Magnus Chase includes everything you’d expect from a Rick Riordan book. It runs a lot longer than a typical MG novel (and at nearly 500 pages, longer than most YA books as well), but I’m sure other Riordan fans will be thankful because of it.