Like what seems like the entire rest of the world, I’m a big fan of the Harry Potter series and their creator, JK Rowling. In the HP series, she’s created a world that readers love to visit again and again without it ever growing old. After the series ending, I kept re-reading the entire series once a year. I no longer do that, not because I don’t enjoy it anymore, but because I’m short of time due to my own writing efforts.

Having said all that, I think all HP fans would agree that we’d love to see more books based on the wizarding world. Here are a few that I would love to see become reality:

  1. Hogwarts: A History – Hermione’s favorite reference work would be my number one choice.
  2. The Autobiography of Albus Dumbledore – Dumbledore is one of the most humorous characters in the HP series, a biography from his POV and in his own voice would be wonderful.
  3. The Founding of Hogwarts – Either told from a rotating POV of the four founders or from a separate POV of one of their contemporaries, I think this could be a compelling story loaded with conflict.
  4. Finally, I’d like to see a retelling of the events of HP’s years at Hogwarts through other unique POVs. Here are my choices:

A. Peeves – I think the other Hogwarts ghosts would be linked too closely to the individual houses, Peeves isn’t limited in that he can go most anywhere and interact with anyone

B. A student from Hufflepuff house – we don’t get a great deal of exposure to the Hufflepuff’s during the series – most of the focus being on Gryffindor and Slytherin, with Luna Lovegood and Cho Chang among others giving the outlook from Ravenclaw. We get a little exposure to Hufflepuff, but without as much depth to it. I think it would be interesting to get their take on all of the goings on during Harry’s years.

C. A house elf

D. One of the paintings – preferably one near a classroom or the dining hall so it’s subject could be exposed to students from all years and houses, plus some professors

E. A lesser or previously unknown professor to provide faculty observations

Are there any new books you’d like to see from the Harry Potter universe?



photo credit: The Marauders and Lily (new) via photopin (license)