Save the Cat! Goes To The Movies is the second in Blake Snyder’s popular books about screenwriting. Unlike the first Save the Cat! and the third volume Save the Cat! Strikes Back, this edition is more of a “how they did it” book as opposed to a “how to do it” instructional guide.

In the original book, Snyder outlined ten “genres” of movies (that’s his term – I would call them archetypes – his grouping overlap the categories most moviegoers would consider genres). In STC!GTTM, Snyder selected five movies representing different facets of each of his ten genres.

The next step in his analysis is to break the plot of each of these fifty movies down according to the beats he laid out in the original book. The results are very informative, but I’m afraid I haven’t retained much of the knowledge contained in the book due to the sheer volume of data.