I don’t read a lot of fantasy novels, so Truthwitch was a departure from the norm for me. I chose to read it because the author, Susan Dennard, wrote an article about how to write a synopsis that I found very helpful. When her agent tweeted the cover artwork for the book last fall, I gave in and put in on my reading list.

At first, I wasn’t sure that I was going to finish this book. Not that it was bad, but I always go through a breaking in period with this kind of book where I have to get used to the strange character and location names, etc. as the author constructs the world where the story will take place.  After I worked through the first 50-75 pages, things got better and I enjoyed the story quite a bit.

I also had some concerns early on about the two main characters, but the author did a great job defining them as the book went on, so that was no longer an issue.

The only thing I would downgrade Truthwitch on would be that sometimes the author would turn a noun into a verb that doesn’t exist. Every time that happened, it snapped me out of the story. Otherwise, I recommend Truthwitch, and am looking forward to the next book in the series.