Stay away from the bad part of town at the intersection of Rejection Street and the Avenue of Self Doubt.


The Different Parts of Writing Town-2

For today’s post I have imagined that there is a place called Writing Town. It is where we all hang out on a daily basis.

For noting – this week I have had a stinking cold (bedridden) and this post was written whilst I had a temperature / on heavy duty cold medication – all of which took me to another place in my head – sigh!

So, Writing Town – what does it look like?

Well, I have drawn up some of the areas and districts which I think would exist in Writing Town:

  • Procrastination Boulevard – an exciting and vibrant part of town. It draws us all in and some of us struggle to stay away from its many bars, clubs and shops. There is such a good vibe to this place and a difficult place to leave. Some of us spend too much time here because it’s…

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