Calamity is the final book in Sanderson’s The Reckoners trilogy. The series details the battles of the Reckoners, a mixed group of regular and super-powered humans, to overthrow Earth’s superhuman overlords – known as Epics. Epics gained their superpowers from a star named Calamity that suddenly appeared near earth years ago. The process of gaining powers turns regular humans into ruthless, blood-thirsty killers who are intent of attaining power by any means necessary.

The main character of the trilogy is David Charleston, a boy in his late teens at the beginning of the series who seeks revenge on the Epic named Steelheart who rules over Newcago and also killed David’s father. David’s main defining characteristics are his impulsiveness, and his aptitude for using incredibly bad metaphors.

Like Steelheart and Firefight, the first two books of the series, The Reckoners is a fast-paced and enjoyable adventure. I have two complaints though. First, David’s skills of improvisation and figuring out exactly what needs to be done in the heat of battle sometimes stretch credibility. Second, the way Calamity ends seems like more of a set up for another series than an out and out conclusion of the current series. Regardless, if you’re a reader who enjoys superhero adventures with a good dose of humor, I highly recommend all the books in The Reckoners series.