The original Secret Wars event was one of the great Marvel comic series of the 1980s. The plot involved an entity known as The Beyonder taking a few dozen heroes and villians to a planet he created called Battleworld, and letting them duke it out between them. I had very high hopes that Secret Wars II would be just as exciting.

I was wrong. There were very few actual battles in Secret Wars II, and little secrecy to boot. The plotline is this: The Beyonder comes to Earth, curious as to what drives humans. For nine issues, we see him interacting with various humans and heroes in the Marvel universe as he struggles to figure out the meaning of life. All in all, there is way to much existential angst and not enough action. Despite his vast power, The Beyonder never established himself as a sympathetic character or as a worthy villain. I was sorely disappointed in this collection.


photo credit: LEGO MARVEL AVENGERS via photopin (license)