The Force Awakens is the first movie novelization I’ve read in quite a while. Generally I only read them when they’re about movies that I have no plans to see. I made an exception for this one, because I was hoping to find information about a couple of things that weren’t explained in the movie.

This first thing I wanted was more detail about the old man who gives Poe Dameron the map to find Luke Skywalker. There was some information, but not very much. The other major question I was hoping to answer was how Rey and Leia knew one another. While the book reinforced that they were familiar, there wasn’t any additional info provided.

I wouldn’t rate the novelization of The Force Awakens unless, like me, you are looking for a little more backstory. I can’t honestly say that what I learned from reading this book justified the amount of time I spent on it.



photo credit: It`s a beautiful day via photopin (license)