A few weeks ago, I decided to enter The Writing Cooperative’s Spring Writing Challenge. The challenge this year was to write a post in 1,000 words or less about the best writing advice you’ve ever received. The Writing Cooperative editors will choose the grand prize winner, but there is also a reader’s choice award given to the entry that received the most recommendations on Medium.com.

My entry involves advice from Angela Thomas, one of my critique partners. You can read my entry here:


If you’d like to vote for my entry, you’ll need to recommend it by clicking on the heart icon at the end of the article. If you don’t have a Medium.com account, it will prompt you to sign in through Twitter, Facebook or with your email address before it will register your recommendation.

If you’re not familiar with Medium, it’s a writing forum where you can find articles about nearly anything. You can follow writers who’s articles you like, and Medium will send you a daily selections of articles recommended by the people you follow. Most of the articles I tweet are ones that I find on Medium about writing, productivity, or inspiration.

photo credit: Dream via photopin (license)