I just finished The Fireman, and I feel like I just ran a marathon. This is a complicated book that works on both a macro level for the society of the world Hill created, and on a micro level for the characters in that world.

There are a lot of things that work in The Fireman: a large cast of characters, the setting, and the premise of a spore-based plaque that causes spontaneous combustion in its victims.

There are a couple of things that don’t work as well, at least for me. First, I think the romance between Harper and John comes off as insta-love; it comes out of the blue almost as soon as the two meet. Second, the last hundred pages or so seemed to drag, so much so that I feel it gave away the final twist.

I wrote a separate blog post about similarities between The Fireman and other novels by Hill’s father, He Who Must Not Be Named (at least in this review).