The Lost Compass is the sequel to The Fog Diver. At the end of the first book, the main character Chess and his salvage crew had escaped their enemies. In this volume, the bad guys attempt to get Chess back to help discover the compass, a tool that will cause the poisonous fog surrounding most of Earth’s surface to withdraw.

In my review of the earlier book, I compared Ross’ writing to that of Rick Riordan. After reading this book, I feel like the comparison is still valid. Ross balances humor (often of the slap-stick variety) with menace and action in much the same way Riordan does. If you love Percy Jackson, you’ll probably also love both books in the Fog Diver series.

I’m not sure if a third book in the series is in the works or not. The ending of The Lost Compass reads like it could be a pretty firm ending, but bad guys seem to have ways of coming back, so the story could continue. If there is a third volume, I’ll definitely have it on my ‘To Read’ list.