Back on New Year’s Day, I posted my writing goals for 2016. Now that we’ve reached the half-way point of the year, here’s an update on where I stand.


  • My MG novel, #MoMoLives, made the agent round of the Sun Vs. Snow contest back in February. That’s been the highlight of my year so far, at least writing-wise. After disappointing results in the agent round and the initial set of queries I sent out, I added a third critique partner and shelved the book until a few weeks ago. Right now, I’m amping up the scary part so I can pitch it as a horror novel and prepping to enter it in PitchWars.
  • My initial goal was to finish my re-write of The Destiny Matrix by June 30th. As of today, I’m about 27,000 words toward my goal of 60,000. There are several reasons for it not going as fast as I wanted, but I’m still hoping to finish by early Fall.
  • Since I missed my June 30th goal for finishing the re-write, I probably won’t be starting my third book until first-quarter 2017 at the earliest.



  • I already killed my Goodreads reading challenge of 50 books read in 2016 – I’m at 51 right now. I think I’ve been a little too aggressive in my reading, I’m sure it has taken time away from my writing and editing.
  • I think I’ve done an adequate job of reading books with diverse characters. I haven’t done nearly as well where reading books by diverse authors is concerned. I know of several great sounding books coming in 2017, but need to locate a few titles to read before then.



  • Posting more often has helped increase my blog traffic. Page views and visitors are both already more than 10% above the full-year figures for 2014 and 2015.

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Are you making progress on your goals for 2016? Please post in the comments in you’d like to share.

photo credit: Dream via photopin (license)