For horror fans, there is no higher recommendation than one coming from Stephen King. King’s tweet about A Head Full of Ghosts last summer put the book on my radar. When King tweeted again a few weeks ago that Paul Tremblay’s next book was ready for release, I decided to give this one a read.

A Head Full of Ghosts draws on several older horror tales in building its narrative. The oldest daughter in a Boston-area family has an experience very similar to what happened in The Exorcist. The financially distressed family agrees to be featured in a reality TV show, which ends tragically. Fifteen years later, the younger sister of the “possessed” girl signs a book deal for an author to write her behind-the-scenes story of what happened.

There are a few scenes and situations in this book that were creepy and or scary, and it had a twist at the end that I totally didn’t see coming. I enjoyed reading this book, but there was one glaring problem: the majority of it consisted of memories of an 8-year-old girl, told fifteen years after the fact. The relating of those memories was told in the voice of the 23-yr-old woman revealing them – at first the maturity of the voice bothered me, but I came to understand it. The problem is the ability of the older woman to recall word-for-word dialogue and details  and descriptions that the 8-year-old who experienced them would be hard pressed to recall.

I would give this book 4-stars for premise, 3.5 for execution.