The Regional Office is an organization charged with protecting Earth from all kinds of threats: inter-dimensional, mystical, earthly terrorists, etc. They employ Oracles to identify looming threats, and a number of super-human or mystically powered female warriors to fight on their behalf. When a couple of former employees decide to take revenge against the organization, all hell breaks loose.

Sounds like a great premise, right? That’s the basic set up for The Regional Office is Under Attack! When I put this book on my To Read list, I did so with very high expectations. I’d read an article about it a couple of months ago in the Arts & Culture section of our local Sunday paper, then forgot about it until another book reviewer mentioned it on their blog not long ago.

There are a few reasons I feel this book did not live up to my expectations. There are three POVs – one on the attacking side, one on the defending side, and a 3rd person historical viewpoint apparently written several years after the attack occurs. The historian POV is the first one we get exposed to. This POV is written in run-on sentences (I swear just one of the sentences went on for two-thirds of a page). This got a little better as the book went on, but after the beginning, I found myself checking to see how long the sentences were.

Another problem is that the book relies so much on flashbacks. Seriously, there are even flashbacks within some of the flashbacks.

In a lot of ways, I think The Regional Office is Under Attack! is a victim of high expectations. I can’t help but feel something better could have been made from the concept. Even so, the book did hook me, and kept me hooked throughout. I rated it 3-stars on Goodreads – if partial stars were allowed, I would have gone to 3.25-stars.