I read and reviewed When I Was The Greatest, by Jason Reynolds about a month ago. All American Boys is his latest book, a dual POV co-authored with Brendan Kiely. While most books are important in one way or another, I believe that some books are “important” books for society as a whole. This is one of those books.

All American Boys tells the story of an African-American teen who is severely beaten by  a white police officer after he is wrongly accused of shoplifting. The 2nd POV is that of a white teen who is a close family friend of the policeman. The book tries to present a balanced view of the debate between those who believe police abuse their power (particularly toward African-Americans) and those who support the police.

This book is well written and fast paced, but I would have like to see the two POV characters meet and interact and the end instead of the actual ending they used. I enjoyed All American Boys, giving it 4 stars on Goodreads mainly because the ending wasn’t very strong.