Locke & Key is a series of graphic novels illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez and written by Joe Hill, author of The Fireman. The series tells the story of a mother and three children who move across country to live in their late husband/father’s ancestral home. The house has many doors leading to weird and unusual places, and each door has an accompanying key. A paranormal entity wants to use the keys/doors for its own purposes, and persistently plots against and attacks the three children of the family to obtain what it needs.

Clockworks is the fifth, and next to last, volume of the series. It consists almost entirely of observations of past events witnessed by two of the characters using a time travel key. This volume cleared up a lot of questions I had about the plot arc of the series, and about the relationships between some of the characters. I’m looking forward to reading the final segment of the series.

I recommend the Locke and Key series for horror fans and graphic novel readers.

Here are links to my reviews of Volume 1Volume 3, and Volume 4.