Gene Wilder passed away on Monday 8/29 at age 83. While he appeared in many films throughout his career, here are the five I’d recommend:

  1. Young Frankenstein – I haven’t update my list of top films recently, but the last time I did, this movie was in my top 5. Also stars the late Marty Feldman as Igor. One of the funniest films ever.



2. Silver Streak – This underrated movie was the first of four films where Wilder co-starred with the late Richard Pryor. A combination rom-com, thriller, buddy movie.

3. The Producers (1967) – The film that inspired the Broadway musical.

4. Blazing Saddles – Wilder stars with Cleavon Little in this western farce. Lots of racism humor.

blazing saddles



5. Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – Probably Wilder’s best known role. I have it last on the list because I’ve seen it so many times already.

photo credit: Born on 6/11: Gene Wilder via photopin (license)