In the fall of 1982, MTV started playing a video by an all-girl group called The Flirts. Consisting of one blonde, one brunette, and one redhead, the VJs on MTV claimed that each of the three girls were former Playboy models.

While Jukebox never became a big hit, the song’s catchy tune and sense of humor combined with the three attractive group members to make this a popular video at that time.

Here is the video, with apologies for the poor video quality.

When The Flirts never made it big in the U.S., I assumed that they simply dropped from the music scene. However, when I consulted their Wikipedia page, I discovered that the group had a fair amount of success in Europe throughout the remainder of the 1980s. The group replaced members often, but stuck to the formula of one blonde, one brunette, and one redhead throughout their existence. In every incarnation, the three featured girls only lip-synced – the real vocalizing was done by studio singers. It may have been common practice, but still shocking in light of the Milli Vanilli scandal the happened just a few years later.


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