After reading (and purchasing) The Emotion Thesaurus, I felt the need to do some reading about body language to expose myself to more non-verbal ways to show things about the characters I write.

I recommend that all writers read at least one book about body language – it doesn’t necessarily have to be this particular book, though.

I learned a lot from reading The Definitive Book of Body Language. Now that I know more about it, I can’t resist analyzing the body language of strangers, co-workers, and family members. It included a full chapter on shaking hands, and the etiquette and relative power implications associated with them. Attraction and courting behaviors are also covered, along with hand gestures and leg positioning and several other topics.

This was an informative read, but generally not that enjoyable. If you are considering books to read about body language, you could probably do worse than this one, but you might also be able to find something better as well. I ranked it 3-stars on Goodreads.