If you’ve visited this blog previously, you probably noticed a few changes over the last few days.

For starters, I’ve changed WordPress.com design themes. A few months ago, the came out with a new theme called Rowling. I really liked it, so when the time seemed right, I switched to it. The old theme was called Skeptical – I didn’t like how narrow the posting areas seemed when I previewed my posts. There were a few features that I liked, but the urge to make changes came upon me, so I took the plunge.

The Rowling theme has a couple of features that I really love. It has a social media menu (upper right corner of each page). Also, when people go to the blog page, it has all of the most recent posts laid out in a grid, kind of like what you see on news sites.

Anyone who has changed blog themes will tell you that there are usually some hiccups involved. The Skeptical theme had three sidebars – left, right, and bottom of the page. Rowling has only one. All of the widgets I had in the old sidebars was dumped when I changed themes. It’s going to take me a while to get the new sidebar set up the way I want.

Also, changing themes has messed up the arrangement on some of my static pages. WordPress.com’s page design interface doesn’t always line things up the way I want, so I’m going to re-code them myself in another HTML editor and copy them over.

Anyway, thanks in advance for staying patient while I work through these changes.


photo credit: TrustMe – Responsive WordPress Magazine / Blog – iPhone via photopin (license)