I’ve come up with three different #PitMad pitches, and I need some help deciding which one to use. Here are my choices:

  1. 13yo Tim’s Bigfoot video goes viral, bringing trouble with it. But that monster’s a fake, and then a real Bigfoot shows up. #MG #H #PitMad
  2. To 13yo Tim, joining his brother’s Bigfoot hoax is a great idea – until the real monster attacks and corpses start piling up. #MG #H #PitMad
  3. 13yo Tim’s video of a fake Bigfoot goes viral, causing hometown havoc – then the real thing comes and all heck breaks loose. #MG #H #PitMad

Please comment to let me know which one you prefer, or to suggest changes. The pitch must meet Twitter’s 140-character limit, and must include the age category, genre and PitMad hashtags.

Thanks again for your help.