The Alarm first came to my attention when MTV began airing the video for The Stand. It was pretty much a straight-on rock tune that gave off a movie western type of vibe. I liked the video so much, I went out and bought the EP that included the song.

It wasn’t until after that brought that EP home and started listening more closely to the lyrics that I realized something shocking: The Stand is about the Stephen King novel, The Stand. The lyrics contain references to The Walking Dude and his cowboy boots, as well as The Trashcan Man. Here are the complete lyrics to The Stand.

Here is the video for The Stand:

This is still a song I never get tired of listening to. It was the closest thing The Alarm had to a hit in the U.S., but another of their songs got some MTV airplay and became a bigger hit for them in the U.K. Here is the video for their song 68 Guns:

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