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The Published Author

The Basics of a Bad Novel

Part II – Plot

In our discussion on FRUSTRATING NOVELS, we have taken a long and hard look at characters (Click HERE). We have identified one big contributor to writing a bad novel, it’s time to look at the next one:  Plot.

I am not talking about small problems in plot points that even the most seasoned of writers face from time to time. J K Rowling admits to plotting issues in The Goblet of Fire, this despite having plotted the entire 7 books before she started.  Plotting issues are fine, but when plots and sub-plots are fundamentally flawed, little can be done to save the book. It is important to keep checking every now and again to see if your book has unwittingly wandered into the murky waters of flawed plots.

Let me clarify, by flawed plots I do not mean plots that don’t have logic or are…

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