Third and final post of Basics of a Bad Novel series.

The Published Author

Part III – Writing

10 problems in Writing Fiction

This is the conclusion of our discussion on FRUSTRATING NOVELS, novels that could have been good but missed the mark. In the previous posts, we have drilled down problems of plotting and mercilessly evaluated the role and necessity of characters.

Let’s now turn our attention to the final big contributor to writing a bad novel, the Writing itself.

Just to be clear, by flawed writing I do not mean elements of style and prose or the mechanics of grammar. I am not comparing one piece of writing with another, not lamenting wrong word usage, not talking about making sentences better, paragraphs tighter, or any such thing. I am referring to writing that is fundamentally wrong, writing that is neither ideally structured nor clearly purposeful.

The common problems are many but we will restrict ourselves to look at the 10 most dominant flaws

  1. Unnecessary descriptions

Books aren’t…

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