Most writer’s are familiar with the concept of the hero’s journey. Based on scholar Joseph Campbell’s work and rooted in mythology, the hero’s journey template can be superimposed on nearly every blockbuster film or best-selling novel from Star Wars to Harry Potter and beyond.

Christopher Vogler is a former film consultant who worked with Disney Studios and many other film makers on incorporating the philosophy of the hero’s journey into movie plots. While working with Disney, he authored a widely-circulated memo summarizing the hero’s journey. In The Writer’s Journey, Vogler goes into greater detail about the archetypes associated with the hero’s journey and the specific steps along the way.

I think this book has value for authors, even those who don’t plan on using this particular template in plotting their story. Reading about the character archetypes can spur creativity in character creation, and knowledge of the steps of the journey can help writers formulate plots that resonate with readers.

I would rate The Writer’s Journey 3.5 stars, rounded down to 3-stars on Goodreads.