If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll have noticed that my #amreading posts have grown a lot more infrequent lately. There are a couple of reasons for that. First is the amount of time I’ve been devoting to getting my novel #MoMoLives ready for contests and querying. Second, the books that I’ve been reading recently have been taking me longer to get through.

I spent most of last weekend eliminating filter words from my manuscript. It took me another couple of days after PitchSlam requests were announced to do a revision pass looking for errors that may have crept into the manuscript while removing the filter words. Finally, I had a trusted reader proofread the manuscript once more for me. I finally got all of my PitchSlam submissions sent out yesterday afternoon.

In addition to those submissions, today I’ll be sending out another round of queries. I have a new query because this is the first time querying this book as horror rather than contemporary. My new query came about as a result of a query critique I received from Dee Romito during Pitch Wars. It’s about a hundred words shorter than the last query I used for this book. A lot of my earlier queries read more like synopses, so I’m hopeful of better results with it.