I decided to read Nevernight after a literary agent recommended it on her blog. There is a lot that I liked about this book, but this review is going to focus on the few things about it I didn’t like.

The first thing I didn’t like was the use of footnotes. Most of them provided backstory that wasn’t necessary to move the story forward, but some of them added to characterization so I didn’t feel safe in skipping over them.

Most of the story takes place at a school for assassins – think Hogwarts, but with every class devoted to the dark arts. The second thing that I didn’t like was that the comparison to Hogwarts was so blatant. From the kitchens and the library to the changing hallways and staircases, I think it was just too much commonality between the two schools.

Other than those two points, I liked this book a great deal and look forward to future volumes. I rated it four-stars on Goodreads – I like it a lot, but I didn’t love it enough for five-stars.