I first read about the MJ-12 series on Michael Martinez’ blog. The series has a premise that hits my reading sweet spot – super-powered spy intrigue that takes place during the Cold War.

Inception is the first book of the series, and as such, it bears the burden of introducing us to the major characters, establishing their powers and how they received them, and incorporating them into the historical narrative.

Although I found the story a bit hard to follow early, after the first couple of POV shifts it was easy enough to keep up. I’m a big fan of books that build real historical characters into the story in speculative ways, so I enjoyed the way Martinez was able to weave the real-life people mentioned in the Majestic-12 memo into the plot of the story.

I gave Inception five stars. It is one of my top new series of 2016, and I’m eagerly anticipating the next installment.