Described as a “science fiction romantic comedy-drama, Electric Dreams came out in theatres in 1984, and caught the wave of both the video music and home computer revolutions. Personal computers were going through a period of rapid change as both IBM and Apple grappled for market dominance. Most potential computer buyers didn’t know much about the technology they were purchasing, nor how to go about setting it up once they took it home.

Starring Lenny Von Dohlen and a very young Virginia Madsen, Electric Dreams‘ plot is based on that basic technical ignorance: a computer becomes self-aware and falls in love with the same woman as its owner. Like so many of the 80s films I’ve featured so far in this series, the movie has an MTV-driven soundtrack featuring Giorgio Moroder, Human League, Culture Club, and Jeff Lynne of ELO.

Here is the trailer for Electric Dreams:

Here is Video by Jeff Lynne from the soundtrack:

And here’s another of my favorite songs from the soundtrack, The Duel:


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