Streets of Fire is one of my favorite 80s movies. It has a little bit of everything: music, action, drama, romance, comedy, and a surprisingly strong cast. I think it one of the more underrated films of the decade.

Described as a “rock and roll fable,” the time and location of the story are purposely left undefined. To me, it looks like 1950’s Chicago, but that’s just the impression I get, there’s nothing concrete to base that opinion on. The plot is pretty simple: a rock star is kidnapped by a bike gang from a show in her hometown and her manager hires her ex-boyfriend to rescue her.

The cast features several young performers who went on to have notable careers. 18-year-old Diane Lane played the female rock star, Willem Defoe played the leader of the biker gang, Amy Madigan was part of the rescue team, and Rick Moranis played the singer’s manager. Bill Paxton had a bit-part, playing a wise-guy bartender. You can find the full cast list on the Streets of Fire Wikipedia page.

Here’s the trailer for Streets of Fire:

The biggest hit from the soundtrack was I Can Dream About You by Dan Hartman:

And here’s a video featuring probably my favorite song from the soundtrack, Nowhere Fast by Fire Inc.:


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