The Scottish band Big Country exploded on MTV and the music charts with their 1983 single In A Big Country. With a unique sound that included guitars engineered to sound like bagpipes, the group’s first album, The Crossing, made the top 20 on the album charts. Like Men At Work, Big Country flamed out in the U.S. quickly afterward. In A Big Country was their only top 40 single, and Steeltown, their second album never got higher than #70 on the album charts.

Here’s the video for Big Country‘s only U.S. hit, In A Big Country:

Here’s another song that got some airplay on MTV, Fields of Fire, a top 10 hit in the UK:

Finally, here’s a life performance of one of my favorites from The Crossing – Porroh Man:

Although they faded quickly from the U.S. music scene, the group continued recording for more than a decade, producing a string of hit albums in the U.K.

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