Now that you’ve seen my top 10 books by Stephen King, it’s time to reveal my honorable mentions.

You can make a case that any of these seven books is worthy of being in the top 10. You’ll notice that most of these were published prior to 1990. Getting married and then having children probably changed how much I enjoyed King’s books (or more accurately, how much I remember enjoying King’s books).

Regardless, here are the books on my list of honorable mentions.

Salem’s Lot (1975) – CBS made a quite frightening mini-series that originally aired in 1979

The Shining (1977) – Many readers would have this in their top 10, but it’s too claustrophobic for my tastes and has a smaller cast that I prefer.

Firestarter (1980) – Love the backstory of how Charlie’s parents originally met, and how the government conspires to weaponize her.

Christine (1983) – The book is so much better than John Carpenter’s film adaptation.

The Bachman Books (1985) – This is set of four short novels that King wrote early in his career under the pseudonym Richard Bachman. Although the film is much different than the novel, The Running Man is one of my favorite movie adaptations of King’s works.

Misery (1987) – More suspense than supernatural horror, Misery was a great success both as a book and as a movie.

The Green Mile (1996) – Though it has supernatural and horror elements, The Green Mile is one of the more unique books in King’s backlist. I didn’t know what to make of it when I first started reading it, but by the time I finished, it was one of my favorites.


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photo credit: Tojosan Stephen King Book Collection – partial via photopin (license)