I read this book a research for a scene in my current WIP. I’ve never done much reading about the assassination attempt against Ronald Reagan, but I’ve always been suspicious of the connection of John Hinckley Jr. to the Bush family, and how after the attempt Reagan switched from trying to balance the budget to proposing deficit spending.

The book dragged early on, introducing the cast of characters and setting the stage for the events surrounding the shooting. The author’s descriptions of what happened once Reagan arrived at the hospital and the behind the scene events at the White House that afternoon were especially compelling. When I began the book, I was concerned that the author might be too fawning in his treatment of President Reagan, but as I got further into the book that ceased to be a concern.

I rated this book 3-stars on Goodreads. Not great, but a solid read.


photo credit: Calling Card? via photopin (license)