Revenge of the Nerds is a movie for anyone who’s ever been teased, bullied or made fun of by jocks, frat boys, etc. While the humor is mostly of the lowbrow nature and it includes some stereotyping that would probably have hit the cutting room floor today, it’s still enjoyable today to watch the Odds get Even.

Many of the actors who appear in the movie were unknowns prior to being cast, but went on to bigger and better things. The cast includes: Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards, Timothy Busfield, Curtis Armstrong, Ted McGinley, James Cromwell, Bernie Casey, and John Goodman in one of his earliest screen roles.

Here is the trailer for Revenge of the Nerds:

The soundtrack from Revenge of the Nerds wasn’t heavy on MTV-type songs, but here is a video for one of the songs featured in the movie:

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