No, no matter how much the title of The Plot Against America sounds like a conspiracy book, it isn’t one. It is an alternative history exploring what might have happened if Charles Lindbergh had run against and defeated FDR in 1940.

The answer to that question? A lot of bad stuff. Told through the eyes of a nine-year-old Jewish boy living in Newark, New Jersey, this is a story about escalating discrimination against the Jews – and to a lesser extent against other minorities.

While reading this book, it was hard not to notice a lot of similarities between the events (and reactions to them) related to the fictional election and the 2016 election and its aftermath. I want to organize my thoughts and write a separate post about those parallels.

I gave The Plot Against America three stars on Goodreads. The premise excited me enough to read the book, but the events leading up to the conclusion in my opinion were not realistic or significant enough to make a satisfying ending. Also, there was often an extensive amount of backstory provided via info dump nearly every time a character was introduced – I often found myself scanning to where the info dump ended.