Stalking Jack the Ripper has a promising premise. A teen girl training with her uncle to perform autopsies gets dragged into investigating Jack the Ripper’s murders.

This book was meant to function as both a thriller and a mystery novel rolled into one. It succeeds as a thriller, as it is filled with danger and suspense, and with many twists and turns as well.

It doesn’t work so well as a mystery. Within the first 5-6 chapters it was fairly easy to narrow down the killer’s identity to one of two people. Then in a scene nearer the end, when a psychic passes on a clue from the spirit world, the main character clumsily omits the true killer from the list of people who fit the description the spirit provides.

I gave Stalking Jack the Ripper three stars on Goodreads. The writing is good, the subject matter is interesting, but in my opinion the mystery was too easily solved.