For a long time, I’ve been looking for comp titles for my upper MG science fiction novel. I think I’ve finally found a good one in Tesla’s Attic.

With a 14-year-old main character, this book seems to straddle the line between MG and YA. It also does a good job of balancing humor, romance, and danger.


As you can tell from the title, Nikola Tesla plays a big part in this book – but not in person. When he died, Tesla left behind several items in his former lover’s attic. These items each have a special function, sometimes a dangerous function. These functions draw the attention of a secret society called the Accelerati, who want to obtain all of the items.

I won’t go any farther, in order to avoid spoilers. Tesla’s Attic is the first book in the Accelerati Trilogy. The second book is Edison’s Alley, followed by Hawking’s Hallway. I have both books on my TBR list.