This is another book recommendation I got from a Halloween blog post where some horror writers listed some of their favorite horror reads. While reading Afraid, I had an on-going debate with myself over whether this was a true horror novel, or simply a very grisly military thriller.

The source of the horror in this book is not a supernatural or paranormal entity. Someone has “enhanced” a group serial killers and let them loose in a small Wisconsin town for reasons unknown. The results for everyone involved are grisly indeed.

I gave Afraid three stars. The main fault I found in it was a pretty high degree of repetition. There are three to four instances where someone is about to escape, but they get grabbed by the ankle. After the first couple of times, it became predictable. People also had a way of appearing unexpectedly out of nowhere again and again and again. I realize that’s to be expected in thrillers, but in this case it seemed to be overkill.

The book is well written, and under other circumstances I might have give four stars instead of three. I wouldn’t discourage anyone from reading Afraid, and I’d definitely read another book by Jack Kilborn if the premise sounds good.