Last week, when I reviewed The Six-Gun Tarot, I was a bit rushed. I intend to do better by The Shotgun Arcana, the second book in Belcher’s Golgotha series.

The town of Golgotha, NV reminds me a lot of the town in the Twin Peaks television series in that there are a lot of weird events, and every character seems to have a secret to hide.

Like my favorite Stephen King novels, the Golgotha series features a large cast of characters. Returning characters from the first book include:

  • the town’s unkillable sheriff
  • a fallen angel
  • the town’s gay mayor, who is the guardian of sacred Mormon artifacts that grant him great power
  • a teen boy who wields the eyeball of a Chinese god
  • a banker’s widow who is the latest in a line of female master assassins
  • a shape-shifting Native-American deputy sheriff
  • the man who runs the town’s livery stable is a scientific genius with interests similar to Victor Frankenstein

And as if those aren’t enough, The Shotgun Arcana adds several fascinating new characters to the mix. Golgotha has a long history of off-beat occurrences and other-worldly attacks – I think a TV adaptation would be great, an old west version of The X-Files.

I gave The Shotgun Arcana 5 stars on Goodreads. There was some philosophical debate in this book, but not enough to slow the book’s pace, which was one of the reasons I gave only 4 stars to the previous book. 

I recommend The Shotgun Aracana, and will be eagerly awaiting the next volume of the series.