The group Devo first came to my attention through their appearances on Saturday Night Live and Fridays during the late 1970s. Their music (and videos) defy any kind of easy description. The group hit the mainstream with Whip It! in 1980, and the songs music video saw frequent airplay on MTV for several years. Although none of their songs made as big an impact on the charts, several of the band’s videos were on MTV’s heavy play rotation through the middle of the decade.

Here’s the music video for Devo’s biggest hit, Whip It!:

From a little later on in the 80s, here’s Freedom of Choice:

This is video for Love Without Anger:

This is the video for the theme from the movie Doctor Detroit:


As a bonus, here is the video for Devo’s cover of the Rolling Stones’ Satisfaction:

The members of Devo still make music today. One of the groups founders, Mark Mothersbaugh, composes music for movies and television – he is best known for writing the music for the Nickelodeon animated series Rugrats and for The LEGO Movie.


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