Hawking’s Hallway is the final book of the Accelerati trilogy by Shusterman and Elfman, following Tesla’s Attic and Edison’s Alley. The story picks up where Edison’s Alley left off, with main character Nick Slate debating whether to help Thomas Edison and the Accelerati assemble Tesla’s free energy receiver.

Hawking’s Hallway did a great job of tying up all of the series’ loose ends, and even delivered a twist about 2/3 of the way through the book that I didn’t see coming (and in hindsight, I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t pick up on the clues).

I gave this book five stars on Goodreads – I enjoyed reading the entire trilogy, and believe this is the best book in the series. The science and history in the series are solid, and since I’m a big fan of books that tweak history or historical characters, these books really appealed to me. I’ll probably be seeking out other Neal Shusterman books as my TBR pile allows.