One of the coolest things about being a part of the online writing community, participating in pitch contests, etc. is being able to support published writing friends when their books come out. Wade Albert White was my mentor during the agent round of the Sun Vs. Snow contest in 2016, so it’s been a real pleasure for me to read The Adventurer’s Guide to Successful Escapes (AGSE from this point on) and review it for you here.



AGSE is a story about orphans, quests, wizards, dragons, robots, computers, and much more. For Anne, the main character, the stakes of failure are tremendous. Her quest is marked by numerous setbacks and unpleasant surprises as she strives to successfully complete it before time runs out.

The main things I would say to anyone considering reading AGSE would be that it is an extremely fun book about engaging characters, told with humor in an appealing Middle Grade voice.

I gave this book five stars on Goodreads. A second book in the series is on the way, and I’m looking forward to reading it as well.