I became infatuated with this book since the moment I read the title. A few months ago I read The Keep, which has a similar premise, but pits a generic vampire vs. generic Nazis (if there are such things).

As much as I like the general plot of Dracula vs. Hitler, there were several ways I believe it fell short of my expectations.

First, there were places in the book where the pace slowed to a crawl. That’s not to say that there isn’t enough action, because there is. I believe the book would have been better if 50-75 pages of material were cut.

Second, I had problems with the “Hitler diary” segments used to bring Adolf Hitler into the story. They were printed in an annoying script-style font, and in such a small size that they were difficult to read. In the diary entries, Hitler referred to himself in third person as “Herr Wolf” with no further explanation. Maybe this has a basis in historical fact, but nothing was said confirming it. I was kind of hoping this meant that Hitler was going to turn out to be a werewolf, but to my disappointment, the head-to-head faceoff between Dracula and Hitler wasn’t very satisfying.

Finally, there was a romance involving Dracula that didn’t make sense. I won’t go into details in order to avoid spoilers, but it seemed to me that the romance wasn’t organic to the story or the characters.

I gave Dracula vs. Hitler three stars on Goodreads. I debated giving four stars, but finally decided on three. I did enjoy the book, but was disappointed that it didn’t live up to expectations.