I came across an interesting bit of information while reading up on Adam Ant for last week’s Forgotten 80s post. It seems that the original members of Adam and the Ants (other than Adam himself), were taken from the group by manager Malcolm McLaren, and combined with 13-year-old singer Annabella Lwin to form the group Bow Wow Wow.

I first became aware of Bow Wow Wow when HBO’s Video Jukebox featured their song I Want Candy in the summer of 1982.

Here’s the music video for I Want Candy:

They followed that hit with Baby Oh No:

This is the video for Do You Wanna Hold Me:

Finally, here’s Go Wild In The Country from the TV show Top Of The Pops:


As with many of the other 80s acts I’ve featured in this series, Bow Wow Wow has gone through many breakups and reunions through the years. According to Annabella Lwin’s website, the group is still performing.


Feel free to comment below about your impressions of this or other 1980s nostalgia.