Wired For Story uses concepts from brain science to help writers craft stories that will catch and hold reader’s attention. It’s not what I would call a “nuts and bolts” writing book – instead, it takes a look at stories from the unique viewpoint of what readers expect from the stories they read.

This book laid out plenty of ideas I plan to use in editing the draft of the current WIP. If there was any problem I saw with Wired For Story, it was that it contained so much good material that I hit a wall about halfway through. This is a reasonably complex book, and while I got a second win about 25-30 pages into the second half, I wonder if the book might have been more effective if it had been shorter.

I gave Wired For Story four stars on Goodreads, and will be reading Story Genius by the same author in the next few weeks. It was a perspective on story I hadn’t encountered yet, and contained some valuable insights.